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Northern Credit Bureau

Northern Credit Bureau has been serving Northern Michigan for over 60 years and collects state-wide, utilizing a network of agencies in North America. Northern Credit Bureau's recovery rate is significantly higher than the American Collectors Association (ACA) published national averages.

Northern Credit Bureau offers a full-range of collection services and credit reporting plus all collection accounts over $25.00 are reported to Transunion and Equifax credit reporting services as well as the updated balances. We provide Transunion Credit reports to members with a permissible purpose.

Northern Credit Bureau is licensed and bonded through the State of Michigan.


Experience Matters

Northern Credit Bureau strictly follows the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act. Northern Credit Bureau account representatives receive extensive training and testing both in the collection laws and collection skills. We are members of:

  • American Collectors Association
  • Michigan Assoc. of Collection Agencies
  • Local Area Chambers of Commerce

Mission Statement

The goal of Northern Credit Bureau is to recover the monies owed to our client while preserving our clients’ high standard of professionalism, and our own.

Professionalism and politeness are our trademarks. We understand that financial hardship can occur at anytime, to anyone. We keep that in mind as we treat your clients with respect, while reaching an acceptable agreement to collect your past due accounts.

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